videoclip “Despierta” (Mirabai ceiba)

“DESPIERTA” Gran canción del bello conjunto musical y matrimonio Mirabai Ceiba (Angélika y Markus), haciéndonos la invitación a despertar nuestra conciencia y no dejar que se nos pase el tiempo engañados por las ilusiones del ego.




2 pensamientos en “videoclip “Despierta” (Mirabai ceiba)

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      The sense of freedom is something that is not yet understood by humanity.

      About the Freedom concept , always established more or less wrong way , I have committed serious errors .

      Certainly fight for a word , absurd deductions are taken , abuses of every kind are committed and blood is spilled on the battlefield .

      The word Liberty is fascinating, everyone liked , however , there is no real understanding of it, there is confusion regarding this word.

      Unable to find a dozen people to define the word freedom in the same way and in the same way .

      The term freedom in any way would be understandable for subjective rationalism.

      Everyone has different ideas on this term : Subjective opinions from people devoid of any objective reality.

      Freedom In approaching the issue , there is inconsistency , vagueness , inconsistency in every mind .

      I am sure that not even Don Emmanuel Kant , the author of the Critique of Pure Reason and the Critique of Practical Reason , I never analyzed this word to give the exact meaning .

      Freedom, beautiful word , beautiful term :many crimes have been committed in its name!

      Unquestionably , the term Freedom has mesmerized the crowds , mountains and valleys , rivers and seas are stained with blood to spell this word.

      Many flags , how much blood and how many heroes have happened in the course of history , each time on the table of life has been the question Libertad.

      Unfortunately, after full independence achieved at such cost , within each person continues to slavery.

      Who is free? , Who has managed the famous freedom? , How many have emancipated ? ,Ay, ay , ay !

      Teenager craves freedom, it seems incredible that many times taking food, clothing , and shelter, want to flee the family home in search of freedom .

      It is incongruous that the boy who has everything at home , want to escape, flee, get away from his home, fascinated by the term freedom. Strange that enjoy all the amenities in a happy home , they want to lose what you have to travel through the land of the world and immerse themselves in pain.

      The wretched, the pariah of life, the beggar , crave really get away from the hut , hut , in order to obtain a better contrast, is correct , but the child well , the mama’s boy look for escape , getaway, is inconsistent and even absurd, however this is so , the word Liberty, fascinates, enchants , though no one knows precisely define .

      The maid want freedom, who yearns to move house , you want to marry to escape from the parental home and live a better life, is partly logical , because she has the right to be a mother , but in life as wife , finds that is not free, and impressed it has to continue loading the chains of slavery.

      The employee , tired of so many regulations, wants to be free , independent and if he finds the problem remains a slave to his own interests and concerns.

      Certainly, every time you fight for freedom , we are disappointed despite victories.

      So much blood shed in vain the name of Liberty , and yet we continue to be slaves of themselves and others.

      The people fight over words I never understood, although grammatically dictionaries explain them .

      Freedom is something you have to get inside yourself. Nobody can achieve outside himself .
      Riding through the air is a phrase that allegorizes oriental sense of genuine freedom .

      No one could actually experience the freedom while his consciousness remains bottled in the self, in myself.

      Understanding this myself, myself, what I am , it is urgent when you want to get sincerely Freedom .

      In any way we could destroy the shackles of slavery without having understood all this, my question regards to this I, myself.

      What is slavery , What is this that keeps us slaves? , What are these obstacles ? , This is what we need to discover.

      Rich and poor, believers and unbelievers , are all but formally considered prisoners free.

      As consciousness, the essence , the most dignified and decent we have within us, remains bottled in the self, in myself, in myself, in my desires and fears, my desires and passions, in my concerns and violence, in my psychological defects , it will be imprisoned.

      The sense of freedom can only be understood fully when they have been wiped off the shackles of our own psychological prison.

      While the ” self” awareness there will be in prison , prison escape is only possible through the Buddhist Annihilation , dissolving it , reducing it to ashes , to cosmic dust .

      Self awareness , devoid of self, in complete absence of myself without desires, without passions, without desires or fears , directly experiences the true freedom .

      Any concept on Freedom is not Freedom . The opinions we form about Freedom us far from Reality. The ideas shaping Freedom us about it , have nothing to do with genuine freedom .

      Freedom is something you have to experience directly, and this is only possible dying psychologically , dissolving the self , finishing always with myself.

      No point to continue dreaming of Liberty, anyway if we continue as slaves.

      Better to see ourselves as we are, carefully observe all these fetters of slavery that keep us imprisoned .

      Auto – know each other, seeing who we are inside, the door will discover authentic freedom .

      From the book ” The Great Rebellion ” Written by Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor .


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